Potluck Friday

Potluck Friday is open to all and is a great family night.

Juniors 12 to 17 Years.
Juniors must be able to put 9 darts into the board.

Adults 18 and over.

Registration is 7:00pm
Starts at 7:30pm
Average end time tends to be about 10:30pm

Player Fee : $5 except on Ham Nights.
Player Fee Ham Night : $10

Would you like the chance of winning the Jackpot?
Just add an additional $1 to the Player Fee to become a Mystery Peg player.

Club Raffles are also run on the night.
You could win a meat tray or Alcohol.
Which prize is on offer differs on each night.

The kitchen is also open.
Look at our menu page to see whats available.
For Kitchen Menu click here

The prizes you can win :-

1st and 2nd prize depend upon the number of people playing.
On ham night.
1st to 4th place is a leg of ham for each person in the winning pair.

1st Prize$20 to $30 except on ham night
2nd Prize$15 to $20 except on ham night
Men’s Highest Peg$10
Men’s Highest Score$10
Ladies Highest Peg$10
Ladies Highest Score$10
Juniors depend on the number of juniors playing
Juniors Highest Peg$5
Juniors Highest Score$5
Bonus Prize
Score 180$5 Instant Prize Once per person per night
Mystery Peg
Jackpot for date TBA Previous Jackpot was won
Jackpot has been reset
New Jackpot will be equal to
number of Mystery Peg Players on the night

How does Mystery Peg work?

If you peg your game in 1 dart that pegged number goes to your name.
First person to get that pegged number on the night has that number.
Once the number is taken it cannot be associated with another person’s name.

At the end of the night all peg numbers go in a barrel.
Peg numbers are all even numbers up to 40 and a bull finish.
If a number with no name is drawn it jackpots to the next night.
All names associated with a number are cleared after the draw.
No names are associated with a number at the start of each Pot Luck Friday night.

Jackpot Winners

06/07/2018 $127 Jamie
13/07/2018 $30 Jack
20/07/2018 $20 Sean
27/07/2018 $44 John
03/08/2018 $32 Tom
10/08/2018 $32 Alan
31/08/2018 $78 Bobby-Jean
14/09/2018 $61 Harry
28/09/2018 $54 Alan
05/10/2018 $24 Sean
19/10/2018 $40 John
26/10/2018 $32 HP
02/11/2018 $26 Pete
09/11/2018 $27 Craig
23/11/2018 $46 Garry S
07/12/2018 $39 Colin
04/01/2019 $144 John C
25/01/2019 $100 H.P.
01/02/2019 $28 Jacko
08/02/2019 $47 Reg
15/02/2019 $33 Luke
22/02/2019 $30 Matty
01/03/2019 $24 Brayden
29/03/2019 $122 Craig
26/04/2019 $92 Gail
10/05/2019 $38 Alan
17/05/2019 $24 Archie
14/06/2019 $77 Alan
05/07/2019 $86 Archie
19/07/2019 $65 Archie
26/07/2019 $31 Ron
02/08/2019 $33 Tom
09/08/2019 $27 Peter
23/08/2019 $66 Tylor
06/09/2019 $69 Joey
13/09/2019 $41 Daniel
20/09/2019 $33 Debbie
25/10/2019 $112 Tom
01/11/2019 $25 Rudi
15/11/2019 $45 Kim
22/11/2019 $26 Craig
29/11/2019 $28 Sid