Member Draw

Congratulations to our

most recent winner


Collecting $150

5th July 2024

Now is the time to be a member.

Next draw is on 26/07/2024
at a jackpot of $200.

If the lucky member has not claimed their prize within 2 minutes of the draw,
$50 will be added to the  jackpot for next week.

The member number will be drawn between 7pm and 8:30pm

Proof of current membership, in person, is required to claim the prize.

Not a member.

Just ask at the bar at our venue to apply.
Membership is only $5 per calendar year.
( January to January overlapping )

Examples of why you need to be here every Friday night.

  • 22nd February 2019 the same member number was drawn again.
    Was not collected both times.
  • 20th December 2019 the same member number was drawn again.
    The member won the jackpot for the second time.
  • 18th September 2020 the same member number was drawn again.
    Was not collected both times.
  • 09th October 2020 the same member number was draw again.
    The member won the jackpot the first time and missed out on the second time.
  • 16th October 2020 the same member number was drawn again.
    Was not collected both times.
  • 31st October 2020 the same member number was drawn for the third time.
    Was not collected each time.
  • 11th December 2020 the same member number was drawn again.
    Was not collected both times.
  • 18th December 2020 the same member number was drawn again.
    Was not collected both times.
  • 5th February 2021 the same member number was drawn again.
    Was not collected both times.
  • 12th march 2021 the same member number was drawn again.
    The member won the jackpot for the second time.
  • 19th March 2021 the same member number was drawn again.
    Was not collected both times.
  • 16th July 2021 the same member number was drawn again.
    2 Fridays in a row.
    Was not collected both times.
  • 27th August 2021 the jackpot went off for the second night in a row.
    The member number was drawn in March then again this night.
    She missed out the first time and was there for the second time to claim.
  • 17th September 2021 the same member number was drawn for a third time.
    The member number was drawn in May and June 2021 and she missed out.
    This time she was there to collect the jackpot.
  • 24th September 2021 the same member number was drawn again.
    Was not collected both times.
  • 8th October 2021 the same member number was drawn again.
    Was not collected both times.
  • 15th October 2021 the same member number was drawn again.
    Was not collected both times.
  • 18th February 2022 the same member number was drawn again.
    Missed out on 21st January 2022. Collected the jackpot this time.
  • 11th March 2022 the same member number was drawn for a third time.
    Was not collected for each of those times.

Is your member number
one that was not collected?

Member Draw

DateAmountMember #Was it collected
01/02/2019$50387Not Collected
08/02/2019$100460Not Collected
15/02/2019$150191Not Collected
22/02/2019$200191Not Collected
01/03/2019$250101Not Collected
08/03/2019$300134Not Collected
15/03/2019$350225Not Collected
22/03/2019$400509Not Collected
29/03/2019$450431Not Collected
Matty Collected
12/04/2019$50480Not Collected
19/04/2019Not run as closed for Good Friday
26/04/2019$100376Not Collected
03/05/2019$150526Not Collected
10/05/2019$200479Not Collected
17/05/2019$250482Not Collected
24/05/2019$300502Not Collected
31/05/2019$350452Not Collected
07/06/2019$400373Not Collected
14/06/2019$450129Not Collected
21/06/2019$500370Not Collected
28/06/2019$550601Not Collected
05/07/2019$600101Not Collected
12/07/2019$650446Not Collected
19/07/2019$700461Not Collected
26/07/2019$750302Not Collected
02/08/2019$800221Not Collected
09/08/2019$850127Not Collected
16/08/2019$900193Not Collected
23/08/2019$950173Not Collected
30/08/2019$1000659Not Collected
06/09/2019$1050638Not Collected
Alan Collected
Susan Collected
27/09/2019$100170Not Collected
04/10/2019$150218Not Collected
11/10/2019$200637Not Collected
18/10/2019$250130Not Collected
25/10/2019$300433Not Collected
01/11/2019$350689Not Collected
08/11/2019$400194Robert Collected
15/11/2019$100178Not Collected
22/11/2019$150640Not Collected
29/11/2019$200634Not Collected
06/12/2019$250326Not Collected
13/12/2019$300324Not Collected
Susan Collected
27/12/2019$100586Not Collected
03/01/2020$150125Not Collected
10/01/2020$200673Not Collected
17/01/2020$250635Not Collected
24/01/2020$300325Not Collected
Colin Collected
07/02/2020$100714Not Collected
14/02/2020$150519Not Collected
21/02/2020Not run as closed due to power failure
28/02/2020$200550Not Collected
06/03/2020$250720Not Collected
13/03/2020$300667Not Collected
20/03/2020$350367Not Collected
10/07/2020$450123Not Collected
17/07/2020$500406Not Collected
24/07/2020$550170Not Collected
31/07/2020$600366Not Collected
07/08/2020$650481Not Collected
14/08/2020$700549Not Collected
21/08/2020$750120Not Collected
28/08/2020$800641Not Collected
04/09/2020$850753Not Collected
Marilyn Collected
18/09/2020$50641Not Collected
25/09/2020$100208Not Collected
02/10/2020$150655Not Collected
09/10/2020$200318Not Collected
16/10/2020$250367Not Collected
23/10/2020$300649Not Collected
30/10/2020$350641Not Collected
Mark Collected
13/11/2020$50519Not Collected
20/11/2020$100553Not Collected
27/11/2020$150697Not Collected
04/12/2020$200651Not Collected
11/12/2020$250714Not Collected
18/12/2020$300134Not Collected
15/01/2021$350471Not Collected
22/01/2021$400688Not Collected
29/01/2021$450413Not Collected
05/02/2021$500461Not Collected
12/02/2021$550151Not Collected
19/02/2021$600615Not Collected
26/02/2021$650303Not Collected
05/03/2021$700545Not Collected
Alan Collected
19/03/2021$50376Not Collected
26/03/2021$100361Not Collected
02/04/2021Not run as closed for Good Friday
Wayne Collected
16/04/2021$50724Not Collected
23/04/2021$100229Not Collected
30/04/2021$150646Not Collected
07/05/2021$200328Not Collected
Brent Collected
21/05/2021$100510Not Collected
28/05/2021$150681Not Collected
04/06/2021$200189Not Collected
11/06/2021$250161Not Collected
18/06/2021$300318Not Collected
25/06/2021$350681Not Collected
02/07/2021Not run as closed due to COVID Lockdown
09/07/2021$400162Not Collected
16/07/2021$450162Not Collected
23/07/2021$500694Not Collected
30/07/2021$550145Not Collected
06/08/2021Not run as closed due to COVID Lockdown
13/08/2021Not run as closed due to COVID Lockdown
Gail Collected
Rheeanna Collected
03/09/2021$100645Not Collected
10/09/2021$150349Not Collected
Jenny Collected
24/09/2021$100208Not Collected
01/10/2021$150429Not Collected
08/10/2021$200406Not Collected
15/10/2021$250502Not Collected
22/10/2021$300333Not Collected
29/10/2021$350525Not Collected
05/11/2021$400665Not Collected
12/11/2021$450483Not Collected
19/11/2021$500644Not Collected
Robert Collected
03/12/2021$100235Dave Collected
10/12/2021$100410Not Collected
17/12/2021$150190Not Collected
David Collected
13/01/2022Not run as closed due to COVID
21/01/2022$100531Not Collected
28/01/2022$150103Not Collected
04/02/2022$200119Not Collected
11/02/2022$250224Not Collected
Clinton Collected
25/02/2022$100219Not Collected
Winnie Collected
11/03/2022$100502Not Collected
18/03/2022$150503Not Collected
26/03/2022$200154Not Collected
01/04/2022$250461Not Collected
08/04/2022$300386Not Collected
15/04/2022Not run as closed for Good Friday
Jenny Collected
29/04/2022$100151Not Collected
06/05/2022$150304Not Collected
13/05/2022Not run as closed due to weather
20/05/2022$200364Not Collected
27/05/2022$250294Not Collected
03/06/2022$300174Not Collected
10/06/2022$350Invalid Draw
Lindon Collected
Peter Collected
01/07/2022$100200Not Collected
08/07/2022$150246Not Collected
15/07/2022$200215Not Collected
22/07/2022$250112Not Collected
29/07/2022$300124Not Collected
05/08/2022$350237Not Collected
12/08/2022$400145Not Collected
19/08/2022$450349Not Collected
26/08/2022$500294Invalid Draw
02/09/2022$550174Not Collected
09/09/2022$600114Not Collected
16/09/2022$650177Not Collected
23/09/2022$700263Not Collected
AAron Collected
07/10/2022$100270Not Collected
14/10/2022$150227Not Collected
21/10/2022$200325Not Collected
28/10/2022$250204Not Collected
04/11/2022$300305Not Collected
11/11/2022$350566Not Collected
18/11/2022$400117Not Collected
Alan Collected
02/12/2022$100323Not Collected
09/12/2022$150103Not Collected
16/12/2022$200306Not Collected
Alan Collected
30/12/2022Not run as closed for Christmas Break
06/01/2023$100224Not Collected
13/01/2023$150181Not Collected
Brock Collected
27/01/2023$100166Not Collected
03/02/2023$150304Not Collected
10/02/2023$200367Not Collected
Robert Collected
Alan Collected
Jayden Collected
Brock Collected
Robert Collected
24/03/2023$100387Not Collected
Liz Collected
07/04/2023Not run as closed for Good Friday
14/04/2023$100257Not Collected
21/04/2023$150600Not Collected
28/04/2023$200622Not Collected
05/05/2023$250181Not Collected
12/05/2023$300281Not Collected
19/05/2023$350250Not Collected
26/05/2023$400367Not Collected
02/06/2023$450255Not Collected
09/06/2023Not run as venue was closed
16/06/2022$500144Not Collected
23/06/2023$550721Not Collected
30/06/2023$600460Not Collected
07/07/2023$650112Not Collected
14/07/2023$700387Not Collected
21/07/2023$750678Not Collected
Cheyenne Collected
04/08/2023$100536Not Collected
11/08/2023$150694Not Collected
18/08/2023$200628Not Collected
25/08/2023$250112Not Collected
01/09/2023$300559Not Collected
08/09/2023$350391Not Collected
15/09/2023$400241Not Collected
22/09/2023$450408Not Collected
29/09/2023$500401Not Collected
06/10/2023$550103Not Collected
13/10/2023$600542Not Collected
20/10/2023$650324Not Collected
27/10/2023$700397Not Collected
03/11/2023$750208Not Collected
10/11/2023$800408Not Collected
17/11/2023$850436Not Collected
Brayden Collected
01/12/2023$100560Not Collected
08/12/2023$150146Not Collected
15/12/2023$200277Not Collected
22/12/2023$250502Not Collected
Corey Collected
05/01/2024$100559Not Collected
12/01/2024$150241Not Collected
Paul Collected
26/01/2024$100397Not Collected
02/02/2024$150312Not Collected
09/02/2024$200181Not Collected
16/02/2024$250440Not Collected
23/02/2024$300581Not Collected
01/03/2024$350175Not Collected
08/03/2024$400177Not Collected
15/03/2024$450578Not Collected
22/03/2024$500335Not Collected
29/03/2024Not run as closed for Good Friday
05/04/2024$550364Not Collected
12/04/2024$600282Not Collected
19/04/2024$650212Not Collected
June Collected
03/05/2024$100456Not Collected
Darren Collected
17/05/2024$100298Not Collected
Darren Collected
31/05/2024$100297Not Collected
07/06/2024$150545Not Collected
14/06/2024$200352Not Collected
Jimmy Collected
28/06/2024$100573Not Collected
Jimmy Collected
12/07/2024$100154Not Collected
19/07/2024$150291Not Collected